Hull Bridge Boating Club

Life is better on the water!



Hull Bridge Boating Club

HBBC is on the stretch of the river Hull alongside Weel Road, Tickton.

Hull Bridge Boating Club

Social Events

No club is complete with a social calendar, being a member of HBBC you get to benefit from group trips or events at the club house.

Community Spirit

HBBC has a great community spirit, fellow boaters are always willing to offer a helping hand and great advice.

Hull bridge boating club


ENID is HBBC official club house where our monthly meeting and social events happen.

HBBC Club House

“You cant buy happiness, but you can buy a boat and thats the same thing!”


Hull Bridge Boating Club
Hull Bridge Boating Club

Peace & Tranquility on The River Hull

Boating can be a great way to relax and unwind. The peacefulness of being out on the water can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation.